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First time here? Welcome to the JeeLabs forum!

Puzzled, lost, or confused about something to do with JeeNodes or other JeeStuff?
Then this is probably the best spot on the web to look around and ask.

> To post, you need to register on this site and request access from admins @ jeelabs . org (blame the spammers for this extra inconvenience).

There are three sources of information on this site:

  • This forum has a a couple of sections: for questions and support, for discussing interesting ideas and posting, for news from JeeLabs, and for more specific topics. ** Wiki-style documentation areas: the (read-only) Hardware section for all JeeLabs products, the Café wiki with information about software, libraries, article series, contributed user project documentation, and more. Some of this information is getting a bit old, and needs rework. A few new starting pages are being set up to address this.
  • The issue trackers (now on GitHub under the respective Issue Trackers here and here): these areas are for reporting and tracking any bugs related to JeeLabs software, hardware, and documentation.

Here’s how to make the best use of these resources:

  • if you are stuck or running into problems, please look around on the forum, and post your question on the Support forum
  • if you’re certain it’s a bug and needs action to get resolved, please create a bug report on the issue tracker
  • if you would like to discuss some ideas or projects, or mention some relevant news, please add a note to whichever forum area seems best
  • if you’d like to document a project, a Jee-related idea, or just improve/extend what’s already present, you’re welcome to edit and add pages to the Café wiki

In a nutshell: the forum is for discussion, the wiki areas are for documentation, and the issue tracker is for action items

This site uses Redmine for everything. Which means you can create cross-links between all the different areas.
There’s a long page with all the options here, but these are probably the most useful ones:

The formatting on this site uses “Markdown”.
I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for, and enjoy your visit!


PS. To post, you need to register on this site and request access (you can blame the spammers for this extra inconvenience).