Trinket and RFM12B communication

Added by JeffHerr about 5 years ago

Instead if working with the raw ATTiny chip, I have an Adafruit Trinket laying around and wanted to give that a try. I’m new to the Arduino space, and this seemed a perfect match. Easy to program, more robust than the chip itself… What’s not to love? :-)

I’m having issues with missing Serial lib. It complains at compile. Which makes sense, as the Trinket doesn’t have Serial support, just “SoftwareSerial”. Which is supposed to be in the core, but maybe not for a Trinket. (?). I’m using the IDE pre-downloaded direct from Adafruit adapted for programming the Trinket.

Anyone have some ideas or success with the Trinket and RFM12B module?

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RE: Trinket and RFM12B communication - Added by lightbulb about 5 years ago

As I said in prev post, you may be hard pushed to get Trinket + rfm12b to do anything “useful” if you want additional i/o pins for sensors etc.

Checkout the Digispark data, as thats probably a better fit for your tiny85 than the jeestuff.