ENC28J60 DNS failing

Added by boxersoft about 5 years ago

Having just dipped my toe in the world of microcontrollers by buying an Arduino and an ENC28J60 I was quite pleased when it successfully negotiated DHCP and obtained an IP lease from my DHCP server. Unfortunately that’s about as far as I managed to get though. The example code bundled with the Arduino EtherCard library consistently fails dnsLookup, and even Ping attempts fail when I’m running the Ping sample code, so I haven’t been able to progress any further.

Being completely new to all of this, I’m struggling to know where to look for what I’ve done wrong, and would appreciate some pointers. My setup is:

Arduino Nano v3.0
Arduino IDE v1.0.5-r2
EtherCard driver library (not sure of version, but grabbed from GIT so presumably the latest)

Apologies if I’ve missed any relevant details.

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RE: ENC28J60 DNS failing - Added by seba almost 5 years ago

I run into this problem as well and reported it as #492.