Jeelib library usage at Arduino Due platform

Added by rbreuss285 almost 5 years ago

I have data logger sketch running at Arduino Due board. Collected data are sent to storage via RF12. Curently Im using lowpowerlab version of RFM12B library modified by boredman :
For a compatibility reason I need to replace this library by jeelab library, which has slightly different structure of data packet header. But problem is, jeelab library works great at standard 16bit Arduino platform (Uno, Mega…), but not at 32bit Due platform. Does anybody has an experience how to modify jeelab library to be useable at 32 bit Arduino Due for RF12 based data communiaction?

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RE: Jeelib library usage at Arduino Due platform - Added by Alban_T over 3 years ago

Sorry I have no answer but I’m stuck in a similar situation.
Did you get the Jeelabs library to work on your Arduino Due? Or the library to communicate properly with a jeenode?
My backupplan, used to do it this way for a long time but want to reduce my hardware, is have an extra jeenode connected to my Due thru serial…. :)