Resolved: problems installing housemon - git checkout 0.7.x

Added by dbarck2000 almost 5 years ago

I’ve been working through the Dive Into Jee Node tutorial. Everything has worked fine until the “git checkout 0.7.x” step in DIJN.09.

This is what I’m getting:

pi@raspberrypi ~/housemon \$ git checkout 0.7.x
error: pathspec ‘0.7.x’ did not match any file(s) known to git.

I’m using the Occidentalis build from Adafruit.
I’m new to linux, so this could be something simple that I’m missing.

Any help will be appreciated.

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RE: problems istalling housemon - git checkout 0.7.x - Added by danward79 almost 5 years ago


 ~/housemon $ git checkout 0.7.0

If you have a look on the github page for housemon there is a drop down box that says master. The versions are in there under tags. You need to substitute the x.