868MHz RFM12B as ASK/OOK (not usual FSK)

Added by Jas2 over 4 years ago

Hi Guys

I wish to use an 868MHz RFM12B as a ASK/OOK device so I can sniff my wireless heating controller using an audio jack and Audacity (audio software).

Requirement : I need a 868MHz ASK/OOK Receiver.

I would have prefered to use a 868MHz version of one of these
but they dont exist or I cannot find something with the ASK/OOK 868MHz capability at a reasonable price.

I have had a look at\_OOKASK\_with\_a\_modified\_RFM12B

If I use the pde sketch / library as at\_RF12B\_OOK\_receiver\_wiki.pde
.. and\_OOK\_transmitter\_header\_cpp\_wiki.rar

then .. how to I reset the registers on the RFM12B 868Mhz chip to get everything back to FSK / normal afterwards ?


Thank you

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RE: 868MHz RFM12B as ASK/OOK (not usual FSK) - Added by jcw over 4 years ago

You should be able to return to FSK use by calling RF12_initialize() again. Or power-cycle, that will definitely do it. See the ookRelay sketch in JeeLib for an example of a setup which receives on OOK and then re-sends decoded packets via FSK.