How to use thermo plug.

Added by davince almost 4 years ago

I’m a real newbie and just bought a thermo plug hoping to implement a system like raspibrew.
I got a standard kit that comes with the AD chip for thermocouple.

Sorry for that i have very little knowledge in electronics so my questions may seem really stupid.
1. can i first test the use with a one wire sensor using the thermo plug by welding a 4.7k resistor to R3 even if there’s the AD chip on the board?
or if i want to use the one wire sensor, i have to get just the PCB board?

  1. I don’t quite understand how to wire on the relay. Is it outputting the 5V if i supply to the chip 5V from raspberry pi? in this case, would it be connecting the two pin on thermo plug to the two control pins of a say SSR?

Thanks alot.