RF69 native packets from jeeNode with RF12B transceiver

Added by RobJW over 4 years ago

I have a gateway with an Arduino Uno R3 + Ethernet shield W5200 + RF69CW. It communicates nicely with a jeeLink v3c using the examples from Lowpowerlab’s RFM69 library, Struct_receive (\_receive/Struct\_receive.ino) and Struct_send. I also have a JeeNode v6 with the RF12B Tx/Rx and would like it to communicate with the gateway in RF69 ‘native’ mode. I’m running Arduino IDE 1.6.4

For the v6 node I’ve tried:
RF12compat.ino ( from jee lib (with RF12_COMPAT to 1 in “rf12.h” ). It compiles and runs on the node but I receive no packets on the gateway which is running Struct_receive

I’ve also tried a mod made by Tim Wilkinson to the LowPower RFM12B library
again with the gateway running Struct_receive, and again no packets received

The v6 node communicates successfully with jeeLink when both are running RF12_demo (with RF69_COMPAT 1) i.e. with ‘classic’ packets. However for this application I wish to go native :-)

Thoughts on how I might best proceed would be much appreciated. Is it possible that changes in the SPI.h library have affected the jeelib RF12 driver?