2 Jeenode + raspberry pi

Added by spikie over 4 years ago


im busy with writing my own code and making a project with multiple jeenodes..

what im trying to make is 1 master jeenode connected trough serial to a raspberry pi and a other jeenode some where over a range of 10 meters.
the sending trough serial to jeenode with javascript is no problem and the receiving on the other side of the 10 meter also.
only thing is that i want to send it back from the 10 meters to the jeenode and it should be posting into an array to ready to read out on the raspberry side.
the last part is the problem.
everytime i send with serial it would be sended to 10meter jeenode. it receive and i also see it send something back ( extra jeenode to just see what is in the air)
but the otherside on the raspberry pi jeenode side it wont get in to the array..

maybe some extra info for the idea:

Raspberry —> jeenode1 >\ jeenode\ 2\ got\ data.\ send\ data\ back.
Spare\ jeenode\ also\ see\ sended\ stuff.
Jeenode\ 2> jeenode1 —> raspberry wont working.
Spare jeenode see the data sended back. jeenode 1 dont get it.

What i think is that i have a part of my code is still waiting for the serial and dont even goes into the listen for something and react to it..
i do check if its even going into the void and it goes in but don’t come futher then getting in and do nothing. even the IF doesnt work.

is here someone who could help me bit futher?


  if (Serial.available() > 0) {
    SerialValue =;

if (SerialValue == '1') {
RFsend (255,253);


void RFreceive(){
  if (rf12_recvDone() && rf12_crc == 0 ) {


int RFSend(int i, int j) {

  OutBuf[0] = i;
  OutBuf[1] = j;

  rf12_sendStart(0, OutBuf, sizeof OutBuf);
  // }

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RE: 2 Jeenode + raspberry pi - Added by spikie over 4 years ago

maybe someone could help me abit futher? maybe tell which way i should think?

RE: 2 Jeenode + raspberry pi - Added by JohnO over 4 years ago

Hi Spikie,

Your question as presented has a wide scope I think we should break it down to individual elements and address them serially. Have you loaded up RF12Demo on any of your nodes, that is a good place to start. Perhaps set up two node with RF12Demo and send commands backwards and forwards to establish a baseline.