Jeelib RFM12B ported to Arduino Due?

Added by Alban_T over 3 years ago


I have a sensornetwork using several Jeenodes.
I would like to use an Arduino Due to collect and process all the data but as far as I know the Jeelib library is not compatible with the Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 CPU used by the Due!?
Did anyone have any success in this area?

I found a library for RFM12B (\_due) that supposedly works but the way it handles packets and ack’s seems different to the way Jeenodes work!?

Hopefully someone has any ideas on this that could help me.

In the meanwhile I resort again to an addition receiving Jeenode communicating thru Serial to my Arduino Due :( It works but adds an extra layer of difficulty and an extra microprocessor to my project.