ATTiny84A and RFM12B module isn't working with RF12

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I’m doing a project where I need to send some data between to devices with a RFM12B transceiver. I’m using the RF12-library with the pingPong example – nothing is modified.

My microcontroller is ATTiny84A and the wiring can be seen here: [[[]]]
My problem is that it simply doesn’t work. The initialize seems to work. The first few seconds rf12_canSend() also returns true, but after that it returns false. My guess is that it starts to send some data but for some reason it can’t. I have no clue about what the problem is but my only guess would be that it isn’t using the right pins but I’ve followed the example.

Ignore the LED, it’s for testing.

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RE: ATTiny84A and RFM12B module isn't working with RF12 - Added by JohnO over 3 years ago

This might be relevant:

Also, as I recall rf12_canSend() also checks for quiet airwaves before returning true. On some occasions I omit rf12_canSend() and do this:

      if (rf12_recvDone()) {
          Serial.print("Discarded: ");             // Flush the buffer
      rf12_sendStart(RF12_HDR_ACK, &payload, payloadSize);

Depending on the background RF it is sometime impossible to get clear air to get past rf12_canSend() so I transmit without the check.