JeeLink and JeeNode use

Added by jeffching over 4 years ago

So I’m trying to set up a circuit that can activate a servo motor, an electromagnet and an RC car. I’m fairly new to circuitry so I’m hesitant to dive into wiring without being sure. I have a few questions.
My first question is: with these tasks in mind, would I need anything more than a JeeLink and a JeeNode v6 to deal with the wireless aspects of the circuit? In addition, since a part of my circuit includes sending a voltage across an electromagnet when commanded, would it be possible to send that voltage across wirelessly? I was planning on using a relay, but I’m not sure if this can be done using the JeeLink.
My second question is: Are JeeLinks compatible with LabView? I want to be able to communicate to the JeeNode using LabView.