USB BUB II with an ESP8266

Added by haarts almost 3 years ago

I recently bought an Adafruit Huzzah board which is essentially an ESP8266. I need to connect this with an FTDI cable and it so happens to be that I have an USB BUB II from Jeelabs lying around. But so far I have had little luck connecting to the ESP8266 from my Linux machine using the USB BUB II. I'm wondering if I should desolder the 3v3 jumper and solder the VR_OUT jumper. Or is it folly to try connecting with the USB BUB at all? It has the correct FT232RL chip.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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RE: USB BUB II with an ESP8266 - Added by JohnO over 2 years ago

Sorry we missed this, I guess you have it resolved now.