Resolved: JNZ4 in i2c slave mode

Added by linuxpeppe 12 months ago

Hi all.
Do you have any forth code example to use Jnz4 as i2c slave device?
I'm looking to a simple bus way to connect multiple Jnz4 slaves. I2c would be great chance, as seen in LPC810 early Jeelabs posts.

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RE: JNZ4: i2c slave mode - Added by jcw 12 months ago

Unfortunately no, I don't have such code. You'll have to look elsewhere for such an example, and perhaps port it from C.

An alternative would be to tie things together via USARTs ,with a diode in each TX line, and a pull-up.
This is an old diy-style alternative, used before I2C existed (and later refined in standards such as RS485).

RE: JNZ4: i2c slave mode - Added by linuxpeppe 11 months ago

Thanks to your answer, Jean Claude, i googled about and i found very interesting topics.
Using USART in multi drop style by a simple diode and a pullup is a low cost solution (moreover in time) for my app already developed on single usart controller vs jnz4 comunication.

multi drop by diode

Other interesting schemes at this incomplete draft article: