frequency shift with jeenode zero version 3 (edit)

Added by Rolf about 1 year ago

In jeenode zero version 3 there was a small bug with frequency shift, rf-communication with other nodes works only if the other node is initialized to frequency 8683. Is there a simple method for correction? I tried to set the frequency of the jeenode zero 3 to 8688, -9, -90, without sucess.

edit: Trying to analyze the problem systematically (changing the frequency of the sender node (JZ3)), it suddenly vanished. I thought AFC may correct, so that it just appears after startup, and introduced a second sender, blue pill with RF69, which sends reliably at 868.6 MHz. But still the signal of the JZ3 is received. As receiver I have Raspberry Pi with RF69. - Shall trace the problem further.

2nd edit: what seems to be reproducable, after startup (all components power down) the signal of JZ3 is not received. Trying 2 or 3 times within some seconds changes the situation, the signal is received reliably. Even after powering down JZ3, but not the receiver. I have the impression that it is due to adjusting the AFC of the receiver. And once adjusted it keeps the information up to the next power down.