Jeenode zero & STM32L082xx

Added by linuxpeppe 12 months ago

Looking at more RAM for jeenodeZero i discovered a footprint compatible STM32L082KZT6.
Does anyone know if i can use STM32L053 mecrisp binary without modifyng it?

Have a nice day.

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RE: Jeenode zero & STM32L082xx - Added by jcw 12 months ago

I have not actually tried it myself, but I have used the L053 build on L072, which is almost identical (L082 adds AES h/w).
It should just work, but you won't see the extra flash memory or RAM in Forth (you can still address it, of course).

RE: Jeenode zero & STM32L082xx - Added by plutonomore 11 months ago


Decided to replace the STM32L052K8T6 chip in the JeeNode Zero clone with a STM32L082KZT6, just because I could. I can

happily report that the STM32L082KZT6 is indeed compatible.

Please note the STM32L082KZT6 has 192K FLASH/20K RAM/6K EEPROM as opposed to 64K/8K/2K in the STM32L052K8T6.

Also the STM32L082KZT6 has USB/USART pre-programmed bootloader support as opposed to SPI/USART support in the STM32L052K8T6.
The STM32L082KZT6 incorporates a Hardware Encryption Engine AES 128-bit. Unfortunately the STM32L082KZT6 is also one
of those horrible little LQFP32 chips.

Attaching a couple of pix, to show the STM32L082KZT6 build ... please see attachments.

 Also would like to thank whoever ( JCW?), is responsible for finally sorting out the Windows 7/Folie/BUB III/JNZ interface bug.

Loaded Folie v2.15 and can now use CTRL c to reset the uC and can use !u /file etc. to load flash without having to muck around
with jumpers to set BOOT0 either low or high.! Certainly couldn't do this using Folie v2.12.



RE: Jeenode zero & STM32L082xx - Added by JohnO 11 months ago

Hi Matt,

Great to hear from you again. Well done with your tricky soldering, you now have a very capable 192/20/6 board. I guess you are still working with Forth, something I have not managed to get at ease with. I am still comfortable in my time warp running legacy jeelib which meets all my needs. I am waiting patiently for the world to complete a circuit and move into legacy jeelib on the STM hardware. I think I may be waiting quite a while.

How are you finding the memory usage with your 32 bit processors? From the little I have done they appear to use lots more memory than the typical Arduino 8bit units. I am guessing that your 192/20/6 units are built to address this concern.

Anyhow, no more rambling - good to see what you are up to.

RE: Jeenode zero & STM32L082xx - Added by linuxpeppe 11 months ago

Great Matt!
Could you use the more RAM without any mods to mecrisp STM32L053 code?

RE: Jeenode zero & STM32L082xx - Added by jcw 11 months ago

Great news - yes, updating to newer µC variants has always been my intention.

As for ARM code being larger than AVR8, I'm actually pretty certain that this is a myth.
What I do see is far more sloppy coding, with a 32-bit environment that looks so much like big iron...

PS. RAM is not automatically available in Mecrisp Forth, but would be trivial to use and assign manually.

RE: Jeenode zero & STM32L082xx - Added by plutonomore 10 months ago

Hi again,

Well, I finally managed to get a bit of time to play with my toys again. Essentially have set up
the Jeenode Zero clone (STM32L082KZT6 chip) to correctly report the amount of free SRAM and
FLASH. Please see attachment a.

Essentially just modified the board.fs file to accomodate the chip's 20K SRAM and 192K FLASH.
Please see attachment b.

Contacted Matthias Koch initially to get his take on tackling this, he was kind enough to take the
time and effort to reply. Please see attachment c.

Also including a link of a little LoRaWAN/STM32L082 project I stumbled across and thought might
be of interest as well.



RE: Jeenode zero & STM32L082xx - Added by plutonomore 8 months ago


Thanks to Mathias Koch being kind enough to produce a modified version of the STM32L053C code, it
is now possible to use the "full" 20K of SRAM and "full" 192K of FLASH capacity of the STM32L082KZT6.
ie. Mecrisp-Stellaris RA 2.4.4 with M0 core for STM32L082KZ.

Attaching Folie terminal screen and "modified" hello word to use all the SRAM and FLASH in FORTH and report the
free SRAM and FLASH correctly. The clone, " jz4a", has the STM32L082KZ Mecrisp core, always.fs, board.fs, core.fs
and the disassembler-m0.fs loaded. As you can see from the reported numbers this chip provides plenty of SRAM
and FLASH.

Mathias Koch suggested that he will probably make a general public release of the Mecrisp-Stellaris RA 2.4.4 with
M0 core for STM32L082KZ in the not too distant future.



RE: Jeenode zero & STM32L082xx - Added by JohnO 8 months ago

Well done, you are way ahead on the hardware front.

RE: Jeenode zero & STM32L082xx - Added by linuxpeppe 8 months ago

Great Matt.
It sounds very useful for me. I'll be waiting for new mecrisp release. I did not have time to solder my STM32L082 yet.