Jeenode Micro receiving "native packets"?

Added by Rolf almost 2 years ago

Hi everyone!

Since Jean-Claude stopped his blog, it is very quiet in the Forum. Why other people do not share their experience? I am still interested and busy with jeenodes, at least during the winter, when work in the garden comes to an end So let me start. I am just extending a network of switches, to controll the illumination around house, garage and garden. Started last year with JN-Micros. But it came to the point when it's tricky to deal with just 4 GPIOs.

So I am going to switch to JN-Zero. And would like to avoid to replace the JN-Micro in the node that is already active. Does anyone have experience with JN-Micros receiving "native packets" (RF69)? I did this successfully with with a classic Jeenode (RF12). But with JN-Micro it did not work.



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RE: Jeenode Micro receiving "native packets"? - Added by sanb over 1 year ago

Hi all,

I have been feeling the same as Rolf! While I am myself guilty of not writing on the forum lately, I have been watching since I really enjoyed the posts that come on this forum. Much of what I have done so far has come from what I learned on this forum and from people who post on it. Keeping it active and live will be really nice.

From my end: My project (controller for irrigation solenoid for drip-irrigation/sprinkler) has now been work very well for the past 6 months. I will write more on the last post I wrote 4 months ago on a different thread. I am planning to start work on this project early next year to test the ideas given on this forum to control multiple (up to 6) solenoids.

I have been using RFM69CW connected directly to the ATiny84 uC which is programmed using JeeLib. In case it helps Ralf, the code is here:

May be you need to reprogram JN-Micro setting the appropriate flags in the JeeLib for receive RF69 packets? Just a thought.