How to add a new driver

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Okee …. diving straight into the deep end of housemon ….

I managed to create what I call a PulseNode … which is just a variation of JCW’s plug for his pulse kWh counter … but now with 8 inputs.
I adapted the homepower sketch to send 8 block of 4 values over the air from a JeeNode USB.

So now I started HouseMon using the DIJN series .. and I managed to find that the logger is working … and that I needed to do something with nodeMaps-local .. (is that describe somewhere? I only found out because of a comment)

So now I figure I need to do something with the drivers …

There is a homepower driver … and that needs to be adjusted to handle the 5 additional inputs.

So I just copied the file to .. and then started to edit it to match my data comming in ….

So the first line states:

announcer: 16

And every driver has it’s own number … can I “just pick a new number” .. or should this be regulated?
etc etc etc

Is there a clear instruction for creating a new driver? .. or am I getting into new territory here.


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RE: How to add a new driver - Added by about 6 years ago

Always good to answer your own questions:

So the “announcer” can be determined locally … as long as it is unique