upgrade from 0.6.0 to 0.7.x or higher

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I am running a HouseMon 0.6.0 since March of last year … and I did not upgrade it.
It has been running fine, and it is used on a daily basis (the graphs that is ….).

So what is the best way to upgrade this installation to at least the 0.7.x release … of course with the least amount of downtime (so not to lose any inputs)

I have a second Pi up and running (with its own JeeLink).. that I can use to test the upgrade after I have create a backup of the current “production” server ….
I have created my own driver to receive data from my PulseNode (updated HomePower .. with 8 inputs) so that needs to be preserved.

On the current production server I also have the raw logs since march … so I could also use the test server to install a fresh installation and then play back those logs to recreate the history … but then how do I cut over from log playblack to live data? And is HouseMon smart enough to discard duplicate records if the live recording is already activated before the plaback of logs is done?

So any pointer would be appreciated …. because after this upgrade I can make my test server available to test the 0.9.x version of course :-)


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RE: upgrade from 0.6.0 to 0.7.x or higher - Added by jcw about 5 years ago

There’s not really an upgrade path in place (hence the version numbers 0.x). Some changes are so massive that it’ll be tricky. The most important stuff should carry forward, though: your log files. There’s a replay facility in 0.7, but it’ll all depend a bit on what drivers you have.

Please consider waiting until 0.9 is a bit further along. Converting to 0.7 (which is what I run here) or 0.8 (which does not have graphs) is not going to reduce the amount of work to upgrade to 0.9 later, so in the long run it’d be somewhat wasted effort.

I’ve got an upgrade from 0.7 to 0.9 ahead of me myself, so at some point I expect to have a process in place to replay the logs (once there are equivalent drivers for all the essential nodes). There are now over 5 years of logs here at JeeLabs, should be fun bringing that over.

In terms of timeline, the first thing you can expect from HM 0.9 is a setup which collects data from serial ports and logs them, in the same format as before. Then we’ll need to add decoders, and make them accept all the incoming packets. Hopefully in parallel, will be the development of the browser client-side code, including live status tables and graphs. A lot of the browser code from 0.7 should carry over, since that was already written with Angular and CoffeeScript, just like 0.9 will be.

If you don’t want to wait for this, have a look at 0.7. You could set up 0.7 as test case, since it does have some nice tables and graphs, and allows easy customisation from the browser admin tab. I’d ignore the 0.8 stuff, it’s mostly a re-organised variant, with less client-side features than the 0.7 release.