Circuit Tutorial Posts.

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I am about to start a series of tutorials/posts on HouseMon circuits. Mainly because it helps me concentrate my understanding, and secondly I can record my experiments for others to learn from. It also helps me cover ground I would not otherwise tread. For instance, I have only just started the tutorials, but already have a raft of tweaks to core gadgets I don’t use myself. Even though these tweaks don’t affect myself currently, they sure may benefit others, so the learning process has a few different beneficial outcomes….

Anyhow, the posts start here , which is a follow on from my ‘binary’ installation post .

Along the way, you will find a page about ‘Gadgets’ which has now been quickly transcribed to the wiki here , and I have noticed a few typo’s already and missing info - probably a result of markdown to textile conversion - hey ho, i’ll correct tomorrow.


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Nice work with the blog.

I noticed you tried the HAH, I did too a few years ago. Was not ideal for what I eventually want.

Keep up the good work.


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@LightBulb. Just letting you know that I appreciate your efforts in making this step-by-step tutorial. It really helps me diving into this (for me new) Housemon/GO-world and I’m looking forward for the next tut’s.

One question, which is maybe too early in this stage.
I recall you mentioning somewhere that you have a solution for the SerialPort in a Windows environment. As i’m developping on my W7-laptop this is very interesting for me. Can you give me some more info?


RE: Circuit Tutorial Posts. - Added by lightbulb almost 5 years ago


I will put up a windows build shortly (hopefully by friday evening). At that point I my tutorials will be onto serialports (and additional gadgets that are not part of vanilla build), so as another binary will be needed anyhow, that is the point I’ll merge a windows build in.

I’ll post an update here and on my blog.