HouseMon Mac OSX Build

Added by lightbulb almost 5 years ago


Although the binarys have been available for download for a few weeks (vanilla and now chocolate) I have a quick installation document here:

Please let me have any amendments/corrections via my blog and I’ll transfer the build info to the Jeelabd Wiki.
(I’ll give it say until Thursday 22nd May, and then the Wiki will get whatever amends have been provided).

The base builds have a few minor irritations, so the next build will tidy them up, and hopefully jcw will have accepted ‘some’ of my pull requests so that I can funnel some more in. I’m not updating my external housemon/jeebus/flow repos right now (unless its a very minor tweak) as it just get too complicated handling the changes unless I fork an deviate (which I don’t want to do).

I hope those on Mac’s that don’t want to build from source can come along…