starting to get some plots...

Added by tve almost 5 years ago

I finally got somewhere with producing plots for sensor data. See attached very unexciting screen shot. I’m only plotting one sensor and it only says that the temperature is stable at 78F at my desk… The interruptions in the line is because I wasn’t collecting data continuously. The data is fetched from the database in a time_series gadget that interpolates/aggregates the data so the plot has a reasonable number of points and then streams it to the client via the websocket connection. It’s set-up so new values can be sent incrementally as time advances, but that’s not implemented. The graph uses the Flot package (for good and bad, part of the bad is that it pull jquery in).
Once all the changes around flow have settled a bit (nudge, nudge) I’ll see how all this can be integrated back in. Right now the bits are spread across, branch), and Whew, what a repo mess…

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RE: starting to get some plots... - Added by jcw almost 5 years ago

Great progress - yes, changes are taking place in many different spots. It’s all in Git, but very much spread out over a few forks.