Interesting R-Pi compatible

Added by tankslappa almost 6 years ago

Hi JC/Guys,

Knowing that Raspberry Pi is a popular linux board for you guys, I thought you might be interested in this:

It’s TINY!

It uses the same SoC as the Pi, so is software compatible. It doesn’t include the ethernet/USB port chip, although you can connect one USB directly.

Things that made me go “Oooooh”…. Real time clock! Also, it has a LiPo socket so you can have your own mini UPS.
(It actually makes reminds me of a which has been down the gym too much.

Not bad for \$30

If you really want more USBs and Ethernet, there is a basic daughter-board which will piggyback for \$20.

If you spend \$30 on a daughter-board you can get something quite interesting…\_info.php?g\_code=G140609436593

So that’s \$60 for a physically tiny Pi, with a screen, RTC, UPS… HouseMon you could fit into a surface mount wall box maybe?

I’ve got one on order :-D
(Unfortunately the German distributor only has the standard board listed, so I’ve had to order from Korea to get the screen).

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RE: Interesting R-Pi compatible - Added by JohnO almost 6 years ago

Very nice, I’m tempted.

RE: Interesting R-Pi compatible - Added by tankslappa almost 6 years ago

Ditto… I really have got one on order!

I’m curious to see if I can hang an ATmega off of it, and put the “Pi” into a deep sleep/off, and have the ATmega wake it up once something interesting has happened.

Even if I can’t, I love the idea of the screen mounted on the wall…

No touch interface, but hey, I’ve got history in rigging those up!

RE: Interesting R-Pi compatible - Added by NdK over 4 years ago

Those are interesting boards, but I still prefer Banana Pro (gigabit Ethernet + SATA... the only drawback is that it can't be powered from the 40-pins connector).