Housemon how to start?

Added by Rob about 5 years ago

I am trying to install Housemon on raspi and I am confused by the installations approaches:

The one described by the:\_Into\_JeeNodes
The one described by the:\_Tutorial

So which one is the good one ?
NB: The Lighthouse one looks OK, but after reading the long tutorial about circuits, I don’t really not know how to proceed to connect with a JeeNode.


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RE: Housemon how to start? - Added by SevenW about 5 years ago

Hi Robert,

Please follow the Dive into JeeNodes for now.

This is based on version 0.7 of housemon. Lightbulb works with version 0.9. Version 0.9 is at the moment not longer actively pursued, as the involved people are reviewing several of the concepts and are in the process of finding other solutions. I have both working, but version 0.7 remains the stable “production” platform.