several little questions regarding JET

Added by arwed about 3 years ago

I start using JET and the stuff around and I'm keen on getting more! I really like this project! Thanks, Jean-Claude (and potentially further distributors) so far and in advance!

Below I would like to summarize a few questions and hints / experiences.

I installed version 4.0-66 both, on a Ubuntu 14.04 and a RaspberryPi (an "old" one with pipaOS, which is a really good recommendation!) with success.

Regarding startup I had the problem that logging did not go into the given directory. I start with

/var/opt/jet-4.0/hub-linux-arm :8947 -logger /var/log/jet

but JET always creates a logger directory in the working directory. I could work around that by using a symbolic link. Is there still something wrong with my command line?

Then I realized that the command stdout forwarding with "2>&1" did not work as expected (actually nothing was written into out.log) and I found in (german website) that using

/var/opt/jet-4.0/hub-linux-arm :8947 -logger /var/log/jet > /var/log/jet/out.log 2>&1


Currently I'm using a JeeNode that sends JSON data via serial line to JET and I see data being written into the log files and I also get messages via MQTT. Unfortunately I get everything twice; JET sends each message to the configured topic and once again to a subtopic with the UNIX timestamp. To this seems to be by intention, although I did not yet understand, how the subtopiced data can be retrieved later and why it's done twice.

arwed@r61:~$ mosquitto_sub -v -h raspi -t logger/#
logger/homeNodes {"Node":"HeatingStation",...}
logger/homeNodes/1456340915864 {"Node":"HeatingStation",...}

Jean-Claude, or anybody else, could you please explain this a bit?

Besides that I installed pimatic with mqtt plugin and let it receive specific data via MQTT for visualization (for now ...).

Thanks again for the work already done and looking forward nest steps!

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RE: several little questions regarding JET - Added by jcw about 3 years ago

I can't say I have answers for the path/directory issues you're seeing, but yes, the hub is meant to be run in the directory it is located in. You'll be better off doing cd ... && ./hub ..., I expect. Would also suggest having a look at the hub's sources.

As for the MQTT topic choice: you can make the difference with "+" and "#", to get all, use ".../#", to get one or the other, use either "logger/+" or "logger/+/+".