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Added by arwed almost 4 years ago


I've been using JET (4.0.66) since early March to log and store serial data from a JeeNodes network. For the MQTT data I've installed pimatic with mqtt_plugin so that I can get back all the data and visualize it.

Unfortunately a few days ago JET stopped logging the raw data (no new files in the 2016 directory). MQTT is still working well; reboot did not help. Jet is running on a quite old RaspberryPi B on pipaos.

There might be a relation to the OS updates I recently did (apt-get update && apt-get upgrade) -- but I don't know what could have tirggered this behavior.

The messages that I log contain simple JSON data strings.

Does anybody have any idea what might have let JET stop logging? What could I check? I'm only missing the raw data logging ...

Thanks in advance and best regards

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RE: Jet stopped logging - Added by jcw almost 4 years ago

Thx for letting me know. Unfortunately, I can't look into this right now - it will be end of next week before I can follow up on this, sorry.


RE: Jet stopped logging - Added by arwed almost 4 years ago

No problem.

Meanwhile I tried a new, fresh pipaos 4.6 installation on the raspberyPi (my old installation was 4.3). Unfortunately it's the same obervation. I see jet logging an error with each incoming message:

2016/07/01 23:10:39 timestamp error: logger/homeNodes/NG210 expected integer

And a subscriber like "jet sub logger/homeNodes/#" does only log the plain message, but not the additional message with the timestamp as topic (as I think I have seen in the previous installation).

My jet config is:

serial/homeNodes1 = {"device":"/dev/ttyUSB1","sendto":"logger/homeNodes/NG42"}
serial/homeNodes0 = {"device":"/dev/ttyUSB0","sendto":"logger/homeNodes/NG210"}

So probably jet is having trouble with imestamp handling in newer kernel / newer lib versions?

Just in case that helps identifying the root cause ...

Best regards!