JeeDay 2013.04.19-20

Meet face-to-face with fellow PhysComp / WSN / JeeStuff enthusiasts hosted by jcw, assisted by martynj. Get the latest news, share your ideas and show off your project live (or with pictures - projector with OSX/PC video connector available).

Discussions, presentations, hands-on sessions – it’s all possible, if we get organised appropriately!


|. **Date* |=. Fri - Apr 19, 2013 - 18:00 to 20:00, 20:00 to 22:00
Sat - Apr 20, 2013 - 9:00 to 13:00, 13:00 to 17:00, 18:00 to 20:00 |.
| **Location
* |=. Theater aan de Slinger / College De Heemlanden
**[Houten](,+houten), NL |

See this weblog post for the initial announcement.
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The location of this event is Houten, 10 minutes south of Utrecht:
* Theater aan de Slinger is right next to the railway station.
If you have to come by car, drive to “Kamillehof, Houten”.

The cost will be €10 for those who come only on Friday evening, or €25 if you come on both
days or Saturday-only, including a light sandwich lunch (pizza in the evenings will be extra).


Accommodation in Houten: Hotel Van der Valk (a bit far for a walk) and Bed and Breakfast.

For more options, consider a hotel in Utrecht - close to the central railway station (e.g. the Plaza Hotel) is probably most convenient. It’s a 10-minute train ride, and there are trains to/from Houten every 15 minutes.


This event will be structured as a BarCamp, i.e. highly participatory, and planned + structured at the start of the event, including 15-minute time slots for presentations, so please get in touch (better still: edit this wiki directly) if you’d like to present an idea, project, or topic:

Presentation By Day Link
Mystery topic (JeeBoot) Jean-Claude Wippler Fri & Sat PDF
Power optimisation techniques Jean-Claude Wippler skipped PDF
HouseMon Off The Grid Jean-Claude Wippler Sat PDF
“Zero Loss” Battery monitoring Martyn Judd skipped
RFM12B Tuneup * Martyn Judd Sat PDF
Minimalist Schematics Martyn Judd Fri PDF
Experiences in Home Automation Lennart Herlaar skipped
Keeping it running 24 x 7 Robert Hekkers Sat PDF
Home automation usable scenarios Gijs van Dulmen Sat
What about the wife? Ard Jonker Sat link
Smart Meter P1 monitoring Frank Oxener Sat PDF
Predicting energy consumption Alex Vieira Sat PDF
Weatherstations, why buy one? Frank Benschop Sat
HouseAgent Maarten Damen skipped
JeeNode monitoring projects Marc Geenen Sat PDF
Flukso Meter v2.2 Bart Van Der Meersche Sat

* Linked to practical session - bring any JeeNode along and calibrate its RFM12B module actual frequency to +/- 2ppm !

There is a VGA projector and WiFi in the main room.

Proposed sessions

Informal discussions about any topic deemed interesting. We can split up and discuss these in smaller groups, even in parallel in different rooms if needed. Whatever works to exchange experiences and ideas:

|_. Topic|=.Comments|_. Chairman|
|Switching 230 VAC|What good DIY options exist today, and can we improve this?|jcw|
|Traceable Standards Exchange|Is a lightweight mechanism for home calibration feasible?|martynj|
|Electronics for IT people|Volts, Amps, and Ohms: if it’s so easy, then why is it so hard?|jcw|

PS. These sessions did not take place - everyone ended up following the main presentations…

Signing Up

To get an idea how many will attend and help the organisers do their job, please add your name to this list the list is now closed. See the Doodle screendump below for details. This was not intended as commitment, the chosen venue is able to accommodate 25 people (one room) on Friday and 35 on Saturday (two rooms), so all should be well. See you on one or both of the JeeDays!

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