Extension Cables

That’s a fancy name for a simple 6-wire cable with male headers on one end and female headers on the other:

The wires are 150-mm long and the pins are 0.1" apart, a perfect match for all sorts of breadboarding use.

These cables are handy for connecting JeePlugs to Ports and for connecting JeeNodes to an FTDI connector.

For use with Ports, the color conventions can be interpreted as follows:

  • PWR = RED
  • GND = GREEN (was black in previous batch)
  • +3V = BLUE (was green in previous batch)
  • IRQ = BLACK (was blue in previous batch)

One way to remember this is: RED = danger, GREEN = ground, light wires are data pins (WHITE and YELLOW).

As with all plugs and ports, the connectors are not polarized because this allows using very low cost and widely avaiable pin headers as connectors.

Just remember to always put the red wire next to the round DOT on plugs and everything will be ok.

How to Get It

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