JeeLabs Hardware

The Creative Commons CC-BY license applies to all hardware designs listed below.

See the Pinouts page for diagrams of all the pins and ports used by JeeNodes and Plugs.

Microcontroller Boards

  • JeeNode - an ATmega microcontroller board and wireless radio for use with FTDI - JN
  • JeeNode SMD - same as the JeeNode, but pre-assembled with SMD parts - NS
  • JeeNode USB - same as the JeeNode, but including a USB interface - JU
  • JeeNode Zero - based on ARM Cortex M0+, pre-assembled with SMD parts - JZ
  • JeeLink - a microcontroller board and wireless radio as USB dongle - JL
  • SMD Kit - small JeeNode-like kit to try out SMD soldering (no wireless) - SK
  • JeeNode Micro - based on the ATtiny84, smaller than a JeeNode, limited to 2 ports - JM
  • LED Node - a variant of the JeeNode with 3 high-power PWM drivers for LED strips - LN

See the side-by-side Comparison Matrix for details about each JeeNode type.

Interfaces - I2C Bus

Interfaces - Other


Mounting Options

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