JeeNode SMD

The JeeNode SMD is a low-cost combination of radio and microcontroller board:

It is in most respects equivalent to the JeeNode kit. The only differences are:

  • pre-assembled with lower-profile SMD parts, not a kit
  • the ATmega328 chip is soldered-on, not socketed
  • the JeeNode SMD includes a RESET button
  • on-board activity LED, same as with the JeeLink and JeeNode USB
  • 3 extra I/O pins: A6, A7 (both analog-in only), and AREF
  • 2 other I/O pins: INT0 and SS (both used by the RFM12B wireless module)
  • no diode option (feature deprecated, it is disabled by default on the JeeNode v6)

Apart from that: same size, same headers, same ports, and same ATmega chip

See also the Comparison Matrix for details.


The PCB outline is 80.7 x 21.1 mm

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