Lux Plug

The Lux Plug is a small board containing a TSL2561 chip, which connects to the I2C bus and measures incident light levels.

Two sensors are included, one is sensitive to infrared. An algorithm is used to calculate the light levels in lux, by combining the readings from both sensor types. The total measurable dynamic range is 1 : 1,000,000.

An I2C bus running at 3.3V is used for I/O, with all the power and signal lines brought out to to both sides of the board to allow daisy-chaining with other I2C-conformant boards.

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There is one solder jumper to configure each plug for one of the following 7-bit I2C addresses:


The board says 0x27, 0x37, and 0x47, but the addresses are 0x49, 0x39, and 0x29, respectively!

  • Note that the config images are also wrong - from left to right they should read: 0x49, 0x39, 0x29!

Header Pinouts

Design Info

Dimensions: 21.1 x 24.1 mm
CadSoft EAGLE design files: see below.

This board uses the conventions of a JeePlug and can be used with the ports on a JeeNode. It can also be used with other boards and MCU’s, if you hook it up properly and adapt the interface code for it.

How to Get It

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