SMD Kit v1

**Note:* the SMD Kit used to be called the JeeSMD.*

The SMD Kit is a low-cost Arduino-like microcontroller board kit with SMD parts (picture below is previous version).

Think of the SMD Kit as an ATmega328 with just enough support structure to make it compatible with the Arduino IDE (but best programmable with the ISP header).

The distinguishing feature of the SMD Kit is that it is compatible with the JeeNode (and JeeNode USB), in terms of connectors. Four port headers, a PWR/SER/I2C header, and an SPI/ISP header - all in the same place as a JeeNode.

There is no wireless radio on the SMD Kit, it is not a “node” in that sense. But two extra pins are brought out, so that an RFM12B could still be connected.

How to Get It

Kits and boards are available in the Shop.
Or create your own boards with these EAGLE files: see below.
Dimensions: 21.1 x 52.1 mm
Everything is provided as open source, both hardware and software.

How to Build It

See this post on the daily webog for detailed build instructions.

How to Use It

For some notes on how to test and use it all, visit the JeeNode Tips page.
There are pinout diagrams in the Pinouts section.

See Also

The JeeNode, JeeLink, and JeeNode USB are variants which include an on-board wireless RFM12B radio module.

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