Wireless Starter Pack

This JeeLabs Wireless Starter Pack has everything you need to get started with your own 3-node Wireless Sensor Network.

Two nodes are pre-assembled and pre-loaded with demo software so you can be up and running in no time. The third node is a JeeNode Kit, which requires basic soldering skills to assemble (all through-hole, no SMD).

Here’s what’s included in this starter pack:

Wireless Nodes

3 Wireless Nodes, All Compatible With the Arduino IDE:

  • 1x JeeLink – a USB stick which plugs into a PC (Windows / Mac / Linux), for use as central node
  • 1x JeeNode USB – a sensor node with 4 general-purpose I/O ports and a mini-USB connector
  • 1x JeeNode kit – a multi-purpose low-cost DIY remote sensor node, with those same 4 I/O ports


  • 1x Room Board kit – combines a motion detector with sensors for light, temperature, and humidity
  • several other types of “Jee Plug” sensors are available in the shop, depending on what you’re after


  • 1x Mini breadboard – lets you hook up components, IC’s, and wires for… whatever you like!
  • 1x Wire Jumper pack – 50 wire jumpers to try out all sorts of hook-ups using the mini-breadboard
  • 1x Extension Cables – a set of 5 extension cables to help connect all the pieces together
  • 1x Jee Plug pack – a set of 5 boards and headers, to solder small components, adapters, etc.
  • 1x Plug Header pack – 20 extra 6-pin connectors, so that everything can be re-used over and over


  • 1x USB-BUB – use this to connect / debug / re-program any number of (non-USB) JeeNodes
  • 1x Battery Holder – a 3x AA battery holder to run the JeeNode off battery power, i.e. “untethered”
  • 1x Blink Plug – Want some blinking LEDs? Like to push a few buttons? Well, here ya’ go!

Bonus Items

  • 2 push-buttons, 2 LEDs, and 2 resistors for the Blink Plug (great to improve your soldering skills)
  • 1x LCD Plug w/ Display – a back-lit 2×16 LCD display which can be attached to any JeeNode port
  • 1x Proto Board – a small daughterboard for prototyping, fits on top of either of the JeeNodes

How to Get It

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