The UART Plug adds a serial port, connected via I2C. It is based on the SC16IS740 chip.

This serial port has 64-byte buffers for both send and receive, and can support accurate baudrates up to 230400 baud, though this will probably tax the I2C bus through which it is being used.

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There are two solder jumpers to configure each plug for one of the following 7-bit I2C addresses:

More addresses are possible by wiring these jumpers to the SCL and SDA signals.

h. Header Pinouts

Design Info

Dimensions: 21.1 x 24.1 mm
CadSoft EAGLE design files: see below.
This plug can be operated at 5V as well as 3.3V.

This board uses the conventions of a JeePlug and can be used with the ports on a JeeNode. It can also be used with other boards and MCU’s, if you hook it up properly and adapt the interface code for it.

How to Get It

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