Welcome to JeeLib

JeeLib is an Arduino IDE library for JeeNodes and compatible devices, with drivers for its
wireless radio module, its “JeePort” interfaces, and a range of add-on “JeePlug” interfaces.

The documentation for this library is at

The code is available on GitHub, at - to install:

  1. Download the ZIP file from
  2. Unzip the archive
  3. Rename the resulting folder from jeelib-master-xx to jeelib
  4. From the Arduino IDE: Sketch > Import Library…> Add Library…
  5. Restart the Arduino IDE to see the new “JeeLib” library with examples

There are over a hundred example sketches, see the comments for how to try them out.

For questions and help, see the forums. For bugs and feature requests, see the issue tracker.


The RF12demo.ino sketch comes pre-installed on all JeeNodes with an RFM12B wireless radio module - see the RF12demo page.

Software Libraries

The following libraries for JeeNodes are compatible with the Arduino IDE:

|EmBencode|Utility code to deal with the Bencode protocol on embedded processors|source|documentation|changes|issues|
|EtherCard|Software for the Ether Card, derived from code by Guido Socher and Pascal Stang (GPL2)|source|documentation|changes|issues|
|GLCDlib|Driver for the 128x64 GLCD used in the Graphics Board hardware|source|documentation|changes|issues|
|JeeLib|Easy interface to the port headers, the RF12 driver library, timers, low-power code, and more|source|documentation|changes|issues|
|RTClib|Deals with dates and times, and interfaces with RTC chips, clock radio modules, etc.|source|documentation|changes|issues|

The Ports and RF12 libraries have been merged and are now part of JeeLib.

Also available in: PDF HTML TXT