11:10 JeeLabs Café Weblog: RE: Great ADC/DMA performance
The very nice thing about forth is that it's a kind of "bootstrap-oriented interpreter", meaning that there is a pret...
10:05 JeeLabs Café JET (was: HouseMon): RE: Security
Is AES reasonable for an AVR328 ? I'm not concerned about execution time, but the RAM is pretty limited. Could part o...


15:24 JeeLabs Café Weblog: RE: Forth
Funny, I used Forth for my thesis (back in 1988 !) on a three-wheel mobile robot, and I never imagined I would go bac...


09:53 JeeLabs Café General: RE: Ethercard smaller buffer possible ?
In the Xively example dated 2013 (so relatively “new” compared to most ENC28J60 posts), the buffer is set to 350 byte...


15:38 JeeLabs Café General: RE: ESP8266 WIFI wireless module
I have played a bit with ESP8266 myself, and indeed the bonus is an incredible low price, and the … price to pay is t...


17:05 JeeLabs Café Support: RE: browseURL not connecting to websites correctly
Maybe you should try to get some root page from a server first ?
13:23 JeeLabs Café Support: RE: Porting EtherCard library to ENC424J600 / Parallel Interface
Hi Ben,
First, did you look at the EtherCard code ? Before thinking of any port, maybe you should become a bit acqua...


12:10 JeeLabs Café Support: RE: How to poll status of the ENC28J60 ethernet module
I think the problem is likely with the DHCP renewal. I also had that problem with my Ethercard running device for mon...
08:40 JeeLabs Café Support: RE: Is EtherCard library still maintained?
I also investigated a bit, and for example, some other examples / common sketches on the Net are using bufferFiller (...


16:12 JeeLabs Café Support: RE: Is EtherCard library still maintained?
Hi tankslappa,
I tried several months ago to improve the documentation, and get some interesting things on my DINo, ...

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