10:01 JeeLabs Café Support: error on compiling Sleepy::loseSomeTime for ATtiny85 undefined reference to `millis_timer_millis'
Running Arduino IDE 1.6.6 for processor ATtiny85 I get error: undefined reference to `millis_timer_millis'
With t...
09:47 JeeLabs Café Support: Problem with Sleepy::loseSomeTime using ATtiny85
I am running some low power nodes who's sleep should be interrupted if a signal is detected from a PIR. The PIR is w...


19:32 JeeLabs Café Support: Making dataflash play nicely with LowPower Labs RF69 driver
Jean-Claude (or any other contributors) can you help me with a flash access challenge on a JeeLink?
I’m trying to ru...


09:08 JeeLabs Café Support: RF69 native packets from jeeNode with RF12B transceiver
I have a gateway with an Arduino Uno R3 + Ethernet shield W5200 + RF69CW. It communicates nicely with a jeeLink v3c u...


17:36 JeeLabs Café Support: RE: Accessing flash memory on jeeLink v3c
Many thanks for the speedy response.
It’s good to know that the demo code should work. However, if I add it as an Ar...
14:11 JeeLabs Café Support: Accessing flash memory on jeeLink v3c
I am aiming to create a datalogger for a wireless gateway using a jeeLink but am having difficulty finding a library ...

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