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15:07 JeeLabs Café News: RE: From 2013 to 2014
Awesome! JeeBoot sounds like a domotic walhalla!


15:33 JeeLabs Café Support: RE: RTC Plug / RTClib and Time/TimeAlarms libs
I must be asking the wrong kind of questions (or more likely: asking them wrongly). Anyway, I’ve come so far with dig...


09:16 JeeLabs Café Support: RTC Plug / RTClib and Time/TimeAlarms libs
*I wish I could have aksed this question live today, but alas I cannot be there… Maybe you’ll read this at jeeday any...


11:48 JeeLabs Café Support: RE: Two distinct interupts
Thanks very much for the explanation! Thing are beginning to dawn on my now :) And it works as expected! / /o / … hap...


12:01 JeeLabs Café Support: Two distinct interupts
Still working on my mailbox notifier. I can get a alert when the flap is opened and I want to do the same for the doo...


21:11 JeeLabs Café General: interrupt on pin change lib in jeelib?
Would it be a good idea to incorporate something like into jeelib? I’...


14:04 JeeLabs Café Support: RE: Low power -> just sleep or interrupt?
This is what I have so far:
Is this the best way to go? Or should I connect those 2 sensors to IRQ instead of the dig...
13:14 JeeLabs Café Support: Low power -> just sleep or interrupt?
I’m currently prototyping my mailbox notifier with an arduino. I’m trying out different kinds of sensors to see what ...


12:06 JeeLabs Café General: RE: Jeenode Solar Plug?
Wow! Thanks! (both of you). I’ve got enough for now I think ;-)
09:04 JeeLabs Café General: RE: Jeenode Solar Plug?
I would like to add some solar powered stuff in my front guarden. I was thinking about a single 12V panel / battery u...

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