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13:17 JeeLabs Café General: RE: Shunt current sensor and pwm
@martyn, Yes. I wanted to do something similiar to this\_1\_1\_sch.pdf (...


19:25 JeeLabs Café General: Shunt current sensor and pwm
Hi all,
I’m currently experimenting with current sensing in power switching applications (motor driver, resistive lo...


11:13 JeeLabs Café JET (was: HouseMon): Cosm briq: send status data to Cosm
Hi all,
I just wrote a small and simple briq (‘’) that sends status data to Cosm:


12:59 JeeLabs Café JET (was: HouseMon): RE: rrdarchive briq: uses rrdtool to archive data
Like it too. Great addition.
I’m working on some briqs as well. Perhaps a categorization of briqs could be useful ie...


21:32 JeeLabs Café JET (was: HouseMon): RE: Node 0.10.5 for RPi out
Cool. Also worth noting is a little bug that affects forever:
21:10 JeeLabs Café JET (was: HouseMon): Node 0.10.5 for RPi out
FYI. Just noticed that an RPi build of the latest stable Node.js v0.10.5 silently has been released: http://nodejs.or...
09:44 JeeLabs Café Support: RE: [isp_repair2.2] Configuration: D (crystal) 2011-12-26 RF12demo.cpp.hex
The sketch simply tries to burn a bootloader and a sketch to a second JeeNode (well any atmega328p) via ISP. if none ...


22:06 JeeLabs Café General: RE: Coin cell pulsed drain
Sigh. I will bother to check schematics and the board itself the next time :) So it seems 10uF is a fine value for st...
12:01 JeeLabs Café General: RE: Coin cell pulsed drain
@martynj, thanks, I wanted to ask about using a capacitor in parallel with battery as well. But it works without one,...
11:38 JeeLabs Café General: Coin cell pulsed drain
I know this topic has been covered several times on the blog and the forum in the past. But I’m still wondering what ...

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