13:13 JeeLabs Café Weblog: RE: Investigation of possible bell transformer phase lag
I think that the input RC filter of ADC with a cutoff of ~10kHz will introduce a negligible lag.
As to the CTs: d...
10:22 JeeLabs Café Weblog: Investigation of possible bell transformer phase lag
Considering how accurately you're going to measure the secondary voltage of the transformer, will you also...


16:41 JeeLabs Café General: RE: G sensor power consumption?
According to the sensor’s datasheet, it consumes 200µA when active and 1µA when in stand-by. I think that even withou...


11:04 JeeLabs Café General: Power harvesting module
This might be interesting if there’s no sun around: 900 MHz might go where 500 THz may not. ;)


09:01 JeeLabs Café JET (was: HouseMon): RE: HM 0.9 development
Although it feels like a bit of a hack to parse js in go, I think it would be great: everybody knows javascript, so i...


11:43 JeeLabs Café General: Warning for Mac/iDevice users
I know some of the forum’s users have a Mac and possibly iPhone/Pad, so allow me to post this warning:
There is a hu...


15:12 JeeLabs Café JET (was: HouseMon): RE: HM 0.9 development
I’m keeping track of the various Redmine issues and discussions on these forums, and will add whenever I feel I have ...


15:58 JeeLabs Café General: RE: Piezoelectric pavements & roads
Ah yes, I’ve heard about that. The thing is: energy is never free; if you use piezo electric elements to extract powe...
15:52 JeeLabs Café General: RE: ATX Power Supply
I suppose that is one way to go, or include a PTC fuse (see e.g.\_fuse).
If ...
15:38 JeeLabs Café Support: RE: Using a Trinket as a node
The [JeeNode Micro]( is based on an ATtiny84, so flash- and ram...

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